Investing your money wisely

Get-Loans-ukThe world of finance is quite threatening at times. There can be a rise in the price value of your money at one time while you may have to bear the fallout in the next second. Both times the investment comes to the question. If there is fallout, then there is no answer with the investment. So for potential investors the individual must be aware of the concept of investment and its types.

What is investing?

Money can be made by earning and saving. Also, the money can be made by wise investing. It is a simple term explaining how to put your money in order to receive gains or interest rates. People invest many things but in finance we take money as the proper investment, however the value may vary. Investing is a different way of earning money. You cannot make a clone of yourself add hours to your work and earn more. So by keeping your working hours intact you can invest the earned money to have benefits.

In finance, investment caters to the fact that the return is guaranteed and usable on long term basis. It must refer to a long term outlook. For this, one requires to have a good strategy and wise speculation. The layout of the investment should not cover a higher degree of risk. Otherwise, you would be investing your money to gain stress rather than beneficial return.

Types of investment:

There are basically three types of investment.

  • Ownership investment:

It is the most profitable kind of investment. Let us look out for examples to understand this well.

You may have come across stocks. Well, these are the certificates of owning a small or large portion of a company. If you buy a stock it, can be said that it is kind of ownership investment. Supposedly, you own a share in a particular company. If that company posts a record of profit then other investors would want that share too. Hence, the demand rises up the price thus increasing your profit on a condition that you sell the share.

You may also put your money in some business that would be another kind of ownership investment. It is however one of the hardest investments.

  • Lending investment:

In this investment, you are the bank. It is like saving accounts that you open in the bank. Essentially you are lending money to the bank. You may get a lesser return, but unlike the ownership investment it bears zero risk. An example of this are loans in the payday market.

  • Cash equivalents:

Cash equivalents are the investments where the return can be easily converted into cash. The money market funds widen such investments.

Which one is not investment?

It should be known to the current and potential investors that which scenarios cannot be called as investments. Most people prefer gambling. Gambling is not an investment. It is rather putting your money at risk for an outcome that is uncertain. It is just hope to get your return but what if you do not get it back and lose? Also, if you buy a stock looking at an advertisement, you cannot call it as an investment.

A random investment can put you in possible loss. There may not be any guarantee on your investment, but the risk should be measured before stepping into it.


Avoiding bankruptcy

Everyone wants to rich and lead a happy life. Bankruptcy is hurtful; it is situation where you cannot pay for what you owe. You need to save your credit, before filing for bankruptcy. You can take steps to avoid the bankruptcy and improve your credit score. There are several ways to avoid bankruptcy. Let us look at the following ways to get rid of your debt.

Step1: Negotiating with the creditors

Make steps to reach your current situation to the creditors. Your creditors might get money from you or no money at all. You must express your willingness to pay the debt with interest next time. Take time to talk to them, express the current situation to them. This may reduce the burden of the debt to be paid. But make sure the interest rate of your debt again increases. This might cause the situation to standstill and cause further complications.

Step2: Selling your asset

If you had made investment in real estate or if you own house or plots. You can sell them for a reasonable price or mortgage them with the bank to generate some amount of money and find steps to reduce the debt for you, thus avoiding bankruptcy. If your debt is more and it can be solved easily, the only way is to sell them for appropriate price. When your property is attractive and you really want to keep it with you then, you should mortgage with the bank and pay for your debts.

Step3: Help from Friends and Relatives

When the thing doesn’t work well for you, you can ask for the expert advice. You can ask for help from someone who can guide. Your friends and relatives would come for the help when in the times of bankrupt. When things go out of hands, you need to trust someone to make your way back. You can get loan from your friends or relatives and repay them with low interests lesser than the banks. This is a better option to choose, because the risk is less when compared to others.

Step4: Plan Your Life Again

The past things would be hurting. Make plans to restructure your life. People fear for bankruptcy when all things fail. Do not lose hope during these situations. You can create a new budget for your life and stick to your budget. Reduce the luxurious spending you have made. You might have subscribed to different online classes, magazines, health products, gyms etc., now you need to cut all the things that aren’t necessary. These would add more pressure to you when you are in this situation and add extra dollars to your monthly income. Do not file for chapter 13 or chapter 7 for bankruptcy; make all possible steps before filing for bankruptcy.

Step5: Don’t Make Investments in New Ventures

Do not start something new to you to recover your losses. You might have lost your money in one venture, while you might try to balance your losses from making profits in another venture. But if the new venture also goes down, you will be in double trouble and painful. So, never start something new which you haven’t practised enough or familiar with and do not file for bankruptcy with chapter 13 and chapter 7; there are lots of worse things in life. And there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Debts are hurting and affect the peace of mind. You need to take measurable steps to avoid the debts and create a proper investment plan with the help of your financial advisor. No one get rich overnight and no one can go bankrupt overnight. Take little steps to your goal on a consistent basis and reach your goal. Good Luck and happy investing!